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Rain McGregor

Being a student, and having not much money, my best friend and I decided to search for something free, but interesting, to do with our day today. Last night she used TimeOut London to find this particular activity – the Rain Room, in the Curve, at the Barbican, London. The Curve has been transformed into a dark, wet environment, lit by one bright light, which casts mesmerising shadows and highlights the water that downpours from the ceiling, making it sparkle. The installation has been running since October 2012 and closes in March 2013. It is still a very popular attraction with queues of up to 3 hours long, during peak times, so bring something to do in the queue.

The project was created by rAndom International, a company which is well known for its digital, contemporary art. The installation consists of top of the range sensors, laid out in a large grid. These sensors track movement, controlling the rain pouring from the ceiling. BEWARE: You will get wet if you wear dark clothes, or move fast, as the sensors won’t recognise you fast enough! The installation proved to be worth the wait, being a unique and exciting experience, seeing how the technology worked and how you can, or in my case, cannot dodge being drenched. On the 20th January and 25th February rAndom International will be collaborating with Wayne McGregor’s Random Dance Company. With a score by Max Richter, dancers, of the company, will be moving in the space, interacting with the sensors, further enhancing this piece of art and magical technology. Not being around for these dates I imagined my own body, in the Rain Room, moving freely, unafraid of getting wet. As a dancer I got excited with the concept of moving in this unique space, with a sound score that brings the atmosphere to life. Although the sound of the rain, in my opinion, is enough. However, this event surely is not one to be missed, especially when looking at what McGregor and rAndom International have created in the past (Far, 2010 and Future Self, 2012).

For further information click here


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