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Oz – Another story or Western Society dressed in Emeralds?

Tonight I finally got round to watching Oz: The Great and Powerful. I have always been a fan of all that surrounds the story of The Wizard of Oz but tonight I saw it in a new light.

In Western Society we are meant to trust in certain individuals to govern us, represent us and “protect” our freedom. The story(ies) that exist within this film/musical/novel conveys courage, love, freedom, good over evil and a load of other attributes that can be connected to the American Dream or about the streets being paved with gold, in connection with London. These ideas promote a happy society and peace but does it? Does it not also subliminally suggest that we, as members of society, should trust in what is written and brought into law about those who are elected to “protect” us. I yet again put protect in quotation marks as the word could just as easily be replaced with shelter – the Government may as well be sheltering us from things that we do not know or need to know.

Our education, media and general society is controlled by the Government, who supposedly represent our needs and wishes. Oz is also a character who can be seen to control the Emerald City “protecting” their freedom with a fictitious wizard who underneath is a regular human being like you and I. The president or primeminister who whomever else that governs a country is also a regular person with the same thoughts or feelings that we too think or feel. Yet we trust in them and believe in them like Oz.

What I’m trying to say I guess is what if we stop believing? I hear people say that politicians are all the same, no matter what party they stand for. But what would you do  if you were given that power and pressure? Succumb to money hungry corporations or support the “average” individual? Feed the poor or give to the rich?

What I’ve learnt, and often in the hardest way possible over the past few months is it doesn’t matter what and who you believe in as long as you believe in yourself and what you can achieve… We are only on this planet for a short amount of time, especially in relation to how long this planet itself has been living for. However, there is a difference to be made in every person we meet and every situation we face. Success is subjective in a monetary sense or measured by self content. We all have a natural need to want more.

When watching bgroup dance company perform last week, directed by Ben Wright he spoke about, in the post show talk, that the world is constantly in a state of flux, nothing is certain. The magic that you see in the Wizard of Oz and other adaptations is the magic of our world. Everything is forever changing and what we do in one particular moment ripples into our futures.

I begun this blog post comparing the land of Oz to our own society but have uncovered something much deeper. It does not matter if you believe in the Government, God or any other entity it’s first and foremost about belief in yourself. Only you can love, show courage and be free. To find those emotions however you need not be afraid to make mistakes, just learn from them. Find the courage in approaching a situation head on and allow yourself to grow, bringing this back to Oz – that is exactly what he did. Even if this story is fictitious or another piece of propaganda it does show how anyone can make a change. Just believe.


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