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In the coming weeks my student blog will be going live. This blog will be used to give prospective students, and others who may be interested, an insight into being a dance student at the University of Chichester. The above and featured image are photographs that were taken especially for the blog! When the site goes live I will have the option of linking this to the page… so I guess I best start thinking up some interesting things to post!?

Besides the news of this upcoming blog I am currently writing an article that I hope to enter into the Times Writing Competition. This is a student competition. Entrants are being asked to write between 400-500 words about their course and “will be judged for their originality, insight, powerful expression and advocacy for higher education” (Hurst, 2011). The winner will be given £5000 and there will also be a winner chosen from each course subject, i.e. arts and humanities, science and technology, these winners will win £3000. I’m currently onto my fifth draft for this competition and I hope that I have a chance!

Until then let’s all (if you’re in London) bask in the heatwave that is finally arriving…

HeatwavePhoto: Screenshot taken from BBC Weather


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