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Once (the musical) was enough

To our misfortune my friend and I lost out on the daily lottery for Book of Mormon, to purchase two tickets for £20. This led us to the wonderful half-price box offices that are scattered across Leicester Square. Our options were limited and we settled on Once, the Musical. Our tickets, for stalls, cost only £19.50. Result!

I will begin with the positives of the show, this list being short. The talent was incredible. Their voices, depth of character and the comedy value was all fantastic. The musical, as a whole however just sounded like one long reprise. The same chord sequences were repeated and the story did not seem to go anywhere. The musical ended how it began with the song Falling Slowly. On reflection, if I were to listen to these songs separately I would enjoy them, but put together in this performance it just seemed to drag on.

There was no pace to the show. I was praying for it to pick up but it never did. On the other hand the cast worked very well together. The harmonies, tones and melodies that they produced were beautiful. Declan Bennett (who played Guy) made me feel that I was at a concert and not sitting in a stuffy, rather empty auditorium by Soho. His voice carried the show.Visually the piece did not stimulate me. Transitions were smooth but contrived as it seemed that everyone was choreographed with every step they took. During the songs where the performers moved it just did not seem needed.

In short I was pretty disappointed by this musical, but the talent that came from the cast would give contestants on the Voice/X Factor a run for their money!


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