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One Year On…

It has almost been a year since I started up this blog and so much as happened. I apologise that not much has been said recently but I have been occupied with university and other projects.

To catch up on what has happened in the past few months take a look at my monthly blog posts, published on the University of Chichester website:

Nicolas Kyprianou Blog

So it is now the Christmas break and I was thinking that I would give myself a few weeks off, this has not been the case.

My mind has been whirring with ideas about the next chapter of my dissertation, of which the draft for this is due as soon as we return back for our final semester! I have now also been informed that I have been selected to be official reviewer for Resolution! 2014 at The Place. The performances that take part in this platform run from 14th January, up until 15th February 2014. So look up the huge array of artists that will be performing in this, almost equivalent, contemporary dance version of Reading, and buy your tickets now!

Being home for Christmas it is nice to be sitting in my bedroom, on my mac, thinking of ways to distract me from my dissertation work.
This is one of those distractions. I will now leave you with this brief post and publish again soon.

p.s. If you want to know what this posts featured image refers to, head over to my Chichester blog!


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