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Happy Anniversary with WordPress

Unknowingly I decided to log onto this blog a year today, when I started it. I know my previous blog had some spiel about being ‘one year on’ but this spiel includes art.

The Outs is a web-series conceived and directed by Adam Goldman, who also happens to be one of the main characters in the show. Before I give too much away I’d encourage you to watch it. Not because of the wit and realness it holds but in the name of art. It is increasingly difficult to be a small-scale artist in today’s world, forever being sieved out by commercialism that fuels as wide a target audience as possible. What happened to art being created for the sake of art? This story follows a gay couple, just after they have broken up, seeing how they put back together the pieces of what they lost as one candle burns out and another is lit (a metaphor you will see when you watch the show).

This production is an exemplification of an accessibility to art, which may only be enjoyed by a few, made possible by the internet. In my opinion this should be what is in the mainstream as it demonstrates reality. It is nice to indulge in characters that I can truly relate to. As a gay man I have connected with straight rom-coms day-in-day-out and it really is not that much different being a different sexuality… so give it a try – the series that is.

Basically, what I’m trying to say is, not too eloquently as my brain is currently frazzled by my dissertation and this is meant to be some free-writing…

This year has been a blast, to quote many lyrics would be too easy to describe the feelings I have felt this year. I know that I am not alone as many people have experienced similar situations in many different contexts. Goldman manages to capture and devour as many moments as possible that I have experienced this year, accountable to the same number of pigs-in-blanket I was able to consume this Christmas. In the end, (SPOILER ALERT) like in the programme, if you close your eyes you can hopefully think of who/what is with you right now. So let’s reflect on the good and celebrate the strength that has allowed us to overcome obstacles (instead of the bad that was faced)… Thank what has been received, and who is there for you right now, say goodbye to what is gone and hello to another new year.

Time to graduate?

Happy New Year!


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