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Practice Run

On the 18th, 31st January and 13th February I will be reviewing performances for Resolution! 2014. My reviews will be posted here. Resolution! is a fantastic platform for new artists to find their feet in the dance world, to see what is on and book tickets click here. To get into practice for writing my reviews I thought I would critique last nights opening triple bill of works. I hope you enjoy it.

Tue 14 Jan

Léa Tirabasso Simones
Anything Goes Collective Fill in the Blanks
James Finnemore Oh|Glory

Opening night of this seasons Resolution! 2014 and there are plenty of bums on the newly fitted seats. The night opens abruptly with a trio of women straining and panting as they give birth to a baby doll. Tirabasso’s take on women’s ‘instincts’ is somewhat shocking, with the dancers then proceeding to batter their newborn, however it was just the performance needed to perk up the audience ready for the rest of the show.

A stark contrast followed Tirabasso’s work. A group of dancers in rehearsal gear and loud music blasting from their headphones appeared. Out of tune singing, of chart hits, accompanied repetitive, and yet dynamically executed sequences that often flung the dancers across the stage. The composition of the sound score was intense, fragmented like the choreography and forced me to fill in the blanks, although there were a few too many void spaces for my liking. Each dancer had their own solo, with Luke Brown and Ashley Hind moving ferociously with a touch of comedy, as they continuously shrieked along to their iPods. The work was rough around the edges and may not have been as enjoyable without Na’ama Zisser’s sound composition.

Finnemore, known for his work with Hofesh Shecter and Punchdrunk, closed the evening, sucking our minds into a desolate landscape. The dancers appeared battered and uncertain about survival, amused by each other’s bodies. Mikael Orozco carefully traced his fingers across his female partner and with the dim lighting and heavy music I was hypnotized. The piece ended how it began, without the three dancers that shadowed the female dancer at the beginning, but with the utterings of the same sentence assuring us that there are others. Who are these others? Parts of her past? Strangers? Your guess is as good as mine.

The evening displayed very different works but Finnemore shone with such a refreshing vocabulary and an idea that had depth over cliché.


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