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Resolution! Review – Edited by Josephine Leask

Fri 31 Jan

E33 Dance Company Pursue Me
Elena Jacinta Reassembled
Alex Broadie Frenemies

Pursue Me opened the evening with two shattered windowpanes, dangling adjacently on the diagonal, with shards of glass scattered on the left of the stage. This bold image made me curious as to what was to come from E33 Dance Company. Melodramatic emotions decorated fierce conversations, occurring between Ponciano Almeida and Daniel Cossette, fighting for the heart of Rachel Riveros. Interrupting typically balletic turns, jumps and lifts the two men were true tricksters balancing on their heads and scooping the air with their legs, flipping over themselves with panache, showing off their capoeira training. Guided by the elaborate programme note this piece was a little too literal and overdramatic, being about love and getting over broken relationships.

Following E33 Dance Company an intense, visceral solo from Elena Jacinta came. Unfolding, collapsing and rebuilding, Jacinta intricately Reassembled her own body; unresisting natural urges and irregular rhythms of traveling where her centre wanted to. Her arms and hands unexpectedly snapped inwards before floating across the stage like the fluff of a dandelion, the backdrop emphasising this with her shadow skimming over it. Wanting to get involved and help Jacinta reconfigure her body, this solo could have been intriguing to watch for hours.

Uplifting us from Jacinta’s hypnotic haze Alex Broadie presented Frenemies, with an ensemble of eight graduates from the Place, and a folky sound score, which carried the playful narrative. An underlying tension grew from the group, bubbling up in a hasty kiss between Lawrence Gorringe and Jack Sergison, which tested the dynamics and social interactions of the gang. The men’s roughhousing became heated, rivalry sparking from infatuation, while the women were giggling and jauntily sauntering about. Then like a sudden gust of wind they were happily weaving and gliding around each other. This light-hearted display of friendship was very refreshing, but like the first piece of the night many reactions seemed fake, including hesitant pounces and beating on the chest of the aggressor.

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