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God, I Hope I Get It

If you are familiar with A Chorus Line you will understand what the title of this blog post is referring to. If you aren’t, then to give you a clue what it’s about I have one word:


Over the past month I have been to four auditions, for postgraduate study. I have only had a positive response for mapdance, being invited to the recall audition in June. It has been a tough month full of cuts, no’s and self-judgement but has made me stronger, more ambitious and ultimately provides a wealth of experience.

The age range of people at these auditions has been vast, showing just how hard it is out there beyond undergraduate level. The only way to look at it is with your head held high, to do what you do and to give it all you’ve got. You have no idea what they are looking for and they may have already said yes to someone similar to you. These auditions haven’t told me that I am rubbish; they have highlighted areas that I can improve upon, making me even more ready for that next audition.

A family friend put the audition process into perspective. When applying for a regular job you may never see the other applicants that you are up against, so when it is a no the blow may be less than not going through to the next round at an audition, because you haven’t seen whom you are up against. With dance auditions, and any audition really, you know who your competition is. Chances are that the people ‘better’ than you have more experience so learn from them. Another factor is when applying for jobs in other sectors you probably apply for more than one at a time and the responses are staggered. With the arts you have to face audition, after audition, week in week out, and usually find out the outcome relatively quickly. You then have to move on and face your competition head on, once more.

The point that I am getting at is auditions aren’t to be feared, the correct opportunity will arise and you just have to persevere. I guess I am still waiting – no not waiting, because that insinuates I am doing nothing. CORRECTION: I guess I am still searching for my opportunity but I won’t give up. Yes, I am scared as May 23rd, the day I will no longer be an undergraduate, is creeping up. But, I need to just keep going and encourage prospective students, and those in the years below me to literally go to see, do and be a part of as much as you can because when you then audition for real people they already know your face!

Keep it positive.


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