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Sleeping with Siri

Last week saw the end of my undergraduate degree, and possibly the end of my time in education (in the institutional sense), depending on my MA recall audition mid-June and of course funding.

I finished my three year course completing a rather strange, yet creative module in Post Modern Practice. Here we were able to explore post modern techniques, which includes looking at hyper-reality and how things may not be what they seem. The assessment part of this module involved creating a ten-minute piece.

Did you know that in Japan a man married their virtual girlfriend? Crazy right! Together with two others we created a piece that looks at technology and how it interferes with everyday life. It was interesting to explore how social networking sites cause paranoia and many arguments in relationships. Why have we become so dependent on technology, the internet and social networking? Quite ironic when I am of course writing a blog post on an internet site, with the hope of it reaching a wide audience, which in turn will make me feel more ‘content’ about the work I do and what I hope to achieve.

Well below is a video that was created, used and projected as part of our ten-minute technology performance – perhaps it will give you a snippet of what we tried to communicate and question your relationship with your phone, laptop, tablet and what you do on it!


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