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A Gander at Graduate Life

It has been over a month since I finished university, with a high 2.1, and it has well and truly been a whirlwind. I discovered that I had been accepted to join mapdance 2014, amidst various interviews and a fun-filled week in Zante with my closest uni pals (see picture). On receiving the congratulatory e-mail saying that I had been offered a place on the MA Performance Dance – Performers Route course, I was elated, followed by worry as to how I would pay for this exciting opportunity. I was kindly awarded the Enterprise Scholarship, provided by the university, where I would be paid £1,000, to spend on living expenses/course costs and a further £1,000 reduction on the course fees. This scholarship would involve me blog writing, teaching and partaking in other activities that would teach me how a touring company functions, whilst taking my course fees down to £8,734.

I began contacting various charities, organisations and started my application for the Career Development Loan. This is a fantastic way to pay for postgraduate study as it means that you receive anything up to £10,000. You then do not have to pay this back until after you finish your course, this is similar to the Student Loan, however you must begin to pay this loan back even if you are out of work.

During the stress of trying to raise funds I remembered that before my recall audition, for mapdance, I had applied for the Learning and Participation (Dance), Graduate Internship at Trinity Laban. I received an e-mail inviting me to a practical/creative workshop. The internship is a paid position that involves developing skills in arts administration, project management and teaching people from the age of 5 to 60+! During this 11-month role there is also the option to complete the Diploma in Dance Teaching and Learning, access to career development workshops and free tickets to performances at Laban. After a practical workshop, interview and office task I was offered the job, which meant I had to choose between the MA and the internship.

After talking to many different people and evaluating how I hope to reach my long-term goals I decided to take the position at Laban. At this moment in time I feel that an MA is not right for me and this internship still means that I will be dancing and obtaining a qualification, whilst getting paid and earning vital work experience.

However, I will someday return to postgraduate education, as I would like to do a research MA, in Dance. So I probably won’t be disappearing from Chichester for long. On top of all this excitement I have also been recruited to write for an online dance magazine, with over 90,000 followers! So keep an eye out if you are interested in my critical reviews of dance.

To sum this blog post up graduate life has been hectic so far, but can show what you can get up to if you do your BA (Hons) Dance course at Chichester. You will honestly have the best three years of your life, so good that you will want to hang onto it and go out with a bang, showing your fantastic dance performance skills in a cheeky, holiday video.

Until next time,


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