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RE: Education Secretary Nicky Morgan, ‘Arts subjects limit career choices’

Yet again the credibility of mine and countless of people’s choices who choose to study art and humanity subjects has been put under scrutiny by another education secretary. Michael Gove was bad enough and now this!?

It has been said that studying arts and humanity subjects, as opposed to Science, Technology, Engineering and/or Maths (STEM subjects) puts you at a disadvantage in your career prospects and can hold you back for the rest of your life. Well I’m sorry but that is complete and utter nonsense. I cannot speak on behalf of people who have studied other arts and humanity subjects, as I do not have the knowledge of their progressions, but after studying for a BA (Hons) Dance degree let me give you a long list of some of the things I am doing right now. This is after finishing university only 6 months ago Ms. Nicky Morgan:

Project Management
Film Making
Marketing and Promotions
Events Management

This is not to mention some of the areas that I am specifically trained in:

Contemporary Dance
Dance Criticism

Being an artist also takes courage, perseverance, talent and also having personality traits that mean you are a people person – outgoing, friendly and approachable.

I know that I am obviously one case study, one piece of anecdotal evidence but I am a firm believer that anything is achievable and no ambition is too high if you have motivation and a determination to succeed. Do not try to force the young into routes that they do not wish to go in and ultimately what they may not have the potential to excel in the most. Do you want an unhappy nation? Stuck in jobs that they hate just to be pawns to a government that want to fill quotas and fuel corrupt businesses, where millions are being squandered on unworthy luxuries that people below the poverty line can only dream of.

Education should be used as a tool to develop people intellectually, physically and creatively – or better known as holistically. This cannot be done without a broad curriculum that embraces the arts through to further education and beyond. Who is going to be the employee who proposes a new, imaginative and prosperous idea? Probably a creative person who had access to the arts…

This view and judgement of what people should and should not do NEEDS to change. If you force young people to study STEM subjects you will end up with thousands of people trained in those four areas and from what I assume if this happened there would be more people than jobs in these industries, so surely you should be encouraging a population with a breadth of specialisms.

I could argue and write about this debate for hours on end but oh wait I have a full-time career that I am grateful for and requires me to have a decent night’s sleep. So the point is do not listen to Nicky Morgan’s drivel.

Follow your dreams, not anybody else’s.


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