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MEDIUM BARE – Tender steak without the sauce.

Three performance artists and creators, based in south east England, have come together to start a new performance company — Medium Bare.

The company aims to devise new performance dance experiences that challenge the pretentious nature of often too abstract to understand work, stripping out the nonsense to bring back the raw tendons of real contemporary performance. A strong statement to make but the trio are welcoming all to join their discussions on what causes a stir, from Banksy’s Dismaland and gentrification to looking at processes of interdisciplinary collaboration.

Nick Kyprianou and Jacob Bray both met whilst studying contemporary dance at the University of Chichester, keen to push boundaries and question past, present and future conventions. They then became acquainted with Andy Pilbeam-Brown, a set designer and creator excited to produce high quality, yet accessible work having already worked with the likes of Theatre 503, Maison Foo and Iris Theatre.

Andy says, “The purpose of the blog is to pool together features, reviews and discussions on multimedia and performance art from all sorts of connections that we have with other artists and companies, as well as researching our own areas of interest.”

From this research of ideas they will then begin a new, feature length work with hopes to engage lots of different types of people, from various backgrounds.

Together they have lots of interesting avenues that they would like to go down. Ranging in the spectrum from pure dance to straight theatre, experimenting with the plethora of forms that can be explored within these two genres.

Jacob has recently completed his Masters in Contemporary Dance at the University of Chichester, where he created a piece on reality and club culture, also staring Nick. This is a theme that Jacob is going to continue delving into and you can see the piece, Really Not on their website soon!

Medium Bare would like you to get involved! So if you have an idea for a blog post or would like to talk to the company you can email them at


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