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REVIEW: Fuel presents I am not myself these days

1 March
Shoreditch Town Hall

A truly, mind blowing one (wo)man show with explosive emotion watching Aqua, a drag queen with fish tanks for boobs, be torn apart by drugs, prostitution and heart break.

I am not myself these days returns to London once more after only visiting Stratford Circus a few weeks ago. Tom Stuart, who wrote this adaption of Josh Kilmer-Purcell’s autobiography, gives a spectacular performance. His energy throughout the 75-minute piece is admirable, switching characters from a camp Aqua to a tied-up investment banker from London. Tom hurls himself at the floor at one point, reliving a homophobic attach before lip-syncing for his life offering some comic relief to this harrowing insight.

Josh’s story of “love and self-discovery in the flashy, trashy New York of the 1990s” is surprisingly relatable. Ad man by day and drag queen by night, Josh battles his own alcoholism while desperately trying to make his relationship work with Jack, a high-class rent boy addicted to crack. Of course this isn’t an experience that many have lived but splitting up with that person that you’ve fallen head over heels for is.

I felt privileged being invited into this world and am now drawn to read Josh’s memoir, feeling like Tom laid him bare with such conviction and honesty.

#NotMyself is at the Shoreditch Town Hall until Saturday 12 March.
Tickets are only £15 and if you haven’t managed to catch this work yet I would recommend you buy a ticket now!


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